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Regarding characters, roleplays, storylines, etc.
Here are some things you need to know:

~You may have as many characters as you want, but you may only have 2 per year and they can't all be related.
~If you want your character to have a special power or trait (animagus, metamorphagus, half-gorilla man) then you must apply by sending in a PM from that character.
~EVERY character must have a separate account and the username must be their first and last name.
~You may create characters whenever you like but they may only join either at the very beginning of the year or over the winter holidays. However, they can post in the Not at School forums until the next term starts.
~If you would like your character to be a teacher, ghost, or anything that is not a student, you must apply through PM.
~Please keep the spell level of your character appropriate. There won't be specific guidelines, but if Harry Potter didn't learn it until his 5th year, please don't have your second year capable of that spell. If problems arise, specific spell levels may need to be created.
~Your character MUST be YOUR OWN. You may not use any characters invented by JK Rowling. Also, these people do not even exist. We are an alternate universe where Harry Potter, Hermione, Voldemort, Dumbledore, etc. do not exist.

This site is going to be run a little differently than most Harry Potter Roleplay sites. You ARE permitted to write the actions of another character to an extent. See roleplaying rules for more on this, and please PM or post in Help with any questions.
As was mentioned above, this is an alternate universe from the books- meaning that none of those characters or events existed. However, Hogwarts is run essentially the same way.
When you are roleplaying, you must create a topic in the location of your character. An important thing to note about this site's layout: If your character moves to a new location, make a new topic, regardless of how many posts were in the first one. For example, if Bob and Sally agreed to meet at the Great Hall for breakfast before going for a stroll by the lake, a topic would be made first in the Great Hall, and then on the Grounds. Maybe there were 3 posts in the great hall one, and then Bob was the last to post before the move. He would put the following at the bottom of his post...
[Continued, Grounds: New Topic Name]
The new topic would have a note at the top reading [Continued from Great Hall: Original Topic Name]. This could continue to as many topics as needed if Bob and Sally left the lake, snuck through the Forbidden Forest for a while, and proceeded to study at the library.
Another important question would be, what if Bob and Sally wanted to return to the Great Hall for lunch? Well, there would be two options. They could create a whole new topic if they wanted to. However, they could simply return to their original topic and continue posting there. This method of jumping topics will allow characters more freedom in moving around the castle. If it becomes an issue of spam, the rules may need to be changed.
When you create a topic, be sure to specify who it is open to. Open means anyone can post. There can be limits set on this as well, for example, Open to first 2 people. If you only want certain people to post, please include their names at the end of the topic title.

The Harry Potter Lexicon is your new best friend. It has complete lists of potions, spells, types of magic, and basically anything you can imagine about the books. Here's a link:
Try to stick with the spells in the books. If you want to invent your own spell or potion, etc. then please PM for permission.
There is no specific time frame or year for the start of our roleplays. Just don't use muggle technology. (iPods, laptops, etc.)
Signatures must not be larger than 500x200 pixels. Avatars must not be larger than 150x200 pixels. They may have images of a celebrity to represent your character, but must be PG appropriate and please try to keep celebrities that look the age of your character for realism. For example, don't use a 20-year-old model as your 3rd year student. You are not required to have photos but please no personal photos or information.
When in doubt about anything, ASK. Post in the help forum or PM me.
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