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Attention: All members must read!

Post by Headmistress Twiggylefou on Sun Sep 06, 2009 12:55 pm

I'd like to make note of a few issues that started out small but may become serious if I don't point them out. I have been very lenient in the past but starting now I am going to become a bit more strict about rule enforcement.

First and most importantly, I have noticed a large need for increase in the quality of the roleplays around the site. Please try to write at least a paragraph in your responses, as it keeps the topic going and enhances the story. One-liners are strongly discouraged since they don't really add anything to what's going on. Also, try to have a plot or something that you are doing in all your roleplays, rather than just randomly chatting or wandering around. Remember, we're writing stories. The first priority is that you have fun writing- however, another important factor is if people will want to read what you have created. If you feel that you are treating the site like a chat room rather than a roleplay, maybe this isn't the place for you. Character development is also encouraged. I can't really enforce this, but I would hope that many of you would start putting more effort into your posts. Of course, we want you to be having fun at the same time.

Secondly, it seems that many people do not understand the size limit for signatures. Your entire signature, including all pictures contained within it, must be 500 by 300 pixels or smaller. (Previously 500 x 200, but I decided to change it). If your image is 500X300 and you have one or two lines of text, that's fine. However, two large pictures do not fit into the size requirement. If you see that I have edited your signature, be sure to fix the issue. This rule will be enforced more stricly from now on.

I realize that many people are busy with the school year, but please bear with us and don't get overwhelmed if you can't make it online.
Thank you.

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