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New Members Challenge

Post by Headmistress Twiggylefou on Fri Aug 14, 2009 5:02 pm

I know that it's hard for new members to wait for the next break before joining, but it is also disappointing to me when there are hardly any new members!
That's why I've created the idea of this contest. You're not really competing, so it's more of a challenge than a contest.
Here is the challenge:
I want everyone to start advertising the site. Tell your friends, post on youtube, post on other roleplay sites, whatever it takes. If we can get ten new members to sign up to be sorted, then I will let them all in, even if it is the middle of the semester. They must not be the same person making ten accounts. Each person who joins will only have 2 tallied accounts. Basically this means that new people can make as many accounts as they want, but only 2 will be counted towards the final ten. I'm trusting you all to be honest about this. If I find out that you have made more than that and claimed to be different people, then there will be severe consequences. Have fun and let's try to get as many new members as we can!

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